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The advantages of paying more for fiberglass replacement windows

Comparing between vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass replacement windows, it is without a doubt that the latter is the most expensive of them all. Relatively new to the market, they only command a small market share. This though is set to change in the coming years as the price of such windows fall and people become more receptive to this particular type of replacement windows. Actually, comparing between top vinyl windows such as those from Andersen, Marvin or Harvey etc and standard fiberglass replacement windows, the price gap is not really a point of consideration already.

If you are currently in the midst of shopping for home windows, you may like to consider fiberglass replacement windows though they are still a little on the pricey side. The advantages though far outweigh this cost difference. For starters, fiberglass is the strongest of all window frames material available. It is comparable to the strength or metals but has the insulating properties of wood, or even better. This strength is especially important if your window size is large. You will need strong frames to support your double pane, or even triple pane large glass.

The strength of fiberglass is due to the fact that it is made from a mixture of glass fiber and resin. The process of making fiberglass is similar to that of making the hulls of boat. There are a few mixtures of fiberglass replacement windows along with other material. A popular one is the fiberglass clad wood. This allows you to tap on the advantages of both material — the pure natural colour of wood that is hard to replicate and the durability of fiberglass. Fiberglass is also maintenance free. It does not let moisture to permeate through which means if the weather outside is humid, you can be sure you are feeling cool inside.

The insulating property of fiberglass replacement windows is the best amongst them all. Yes, it is even better than that of wood. It has the highest R-value that means more savings on your electrical bill throughout the four seasons of the year, more noticeably in winter and summer. They are also good in the sense that the material expands and contracts uniformly, resulting in less internal stress. When winter comes, the whole frame will contract the same amount and in this way, it keeps the airtight element of it. Insulating foam or gas in the frames will therefore not be leaked out.

Fiberglass replacement windows are also well sought after because of their flexible properties. Unlike aluminum or vinyl, they can be painted over to give a new look. Or maybe after tens years of usage and they have lost their shine, you can give it a fresh new coat of paint to restore their elegance. For home owners who like change and follow the property trend, this should be a factor to consider. It is much more economical to paint it rather than dismantle and change the whole set of windows.  

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