Vinyl replacement windows in your home

Vinyl is a material that comes from the family of plastic. Its actual name is polyvinyl chloride (PVC). As you all would know, plastic as a material is much better compared to their counterparts such as wood or aluminum. Vinyl itself has many advantages such as being waterproof and water-resistant. It is also a fairly good insulator and is on par with the rest. It is also strong and durable thus making the chances of it being spoilt relatively low. Installing vinyl replacement windows could possibly mean you’ll never have to replace them ever again!

First of all, vinyl has a moderate R-value. As you would know, this is only average and cannot be mentioned in the same breath as other windows such as wood. However, it is nice to know that vinyl replacement windows are easily customized to ensure higher R-values. There are many ways to do this such as using a white frame instead of a dark coloured frame because white is a better insulator of heat. Also, you can use argon or krypton gas in between glass panes to act as another insulating material. All these means you will save on your electricity bill and in the long run, money in your pocket.

As vinyl is the most popular type of replacement windows out there, they have a wide range of prices and sizes to suit your needs. For those on a tight budget, there are those in the few hundred dollars range right up to those who are reading to splurge on thousands of dollars just to redo the windows in the home. If you are resourceful, it is even possible to find vinyl replacement windows that cost below a hundred dollars per piece. Being common also has an added advantage of it having all sorts of sizes available. Whether you are looking to replace that window in the toilet, kitchen or bedroom, chances are you need not wait weeks for the customized windows to come.

Maintaining vinyl replacement windows is an absolute breeze. A wet cloth is more than sufficient to do the job of cleaning away dust and dirt that may accumulate over time. If you are more insistent on cleanliness, soap and water will be all that you need to ensure they are spick and span. And because they do not require painting (more on that later), you will never ever need to take out a paint brush and attempt to hide the colour that has fade over the years.

The fact that they do not require painting may be a boon or a bane to some people, depending on how you look at it. It is a boon because obviously, you do not need to focus so much attention on it. Just choose the colour that you think will be most suited for your home and boom, you have it. But it is also a bane because it means that you are unable to change the look of your house and not having to change the vinyl replacement windows. They cannot be painted over and given a fresh new coat of paint. In other words, choose the colour carefully because you cannot change it in future. 

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