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Why wood replacement windows are still so popular even with increased competition

Wood can be said to be a timeless material. Ever since yesteryear, it is still so ever popular among homebuyers of wood replacement windows, especially in the kitchen that is the territory or women. This is partly due to the elegance and natural beauty wood exudes that is very difficult for other materials to replicate. While manufacturers try to imitate the wood colours, the same feeling can never be achieved no matter how they try. Such is the elegance of wood replacement windows.

Another reason why such windows may still be so sought after is because there are many houses in conservation environment. Such houses are regulated by the law and very often, they are only allowed to change to wood replacement windows, not your newer aluminum or fiberglass kinds. That said, many others like the homely feeling and excellent properties of wood that contributes to its popularity significantly. For example, their high R-values is one such factor that people take into consideration when choosing windows.

If you are already bent on buying wood replacement windows, some good brands to buy from are Harvey, Milgard or Marvin. I am absolutely supportive of you buying such windows but please do take note of some of the drawbacks first so that you will be more informed of the choice you are making. One case in point is that wood windows are quite expensive, especially when compared other frame materials such as vinyl. Be prepared to pay on that front. They are generally more bulky too and require more window space so do take measurements properly beforehand.

You should also note that wood replacement windows need regular maintenance. They tend to be more susceptible to cracking and peeling, especially wood that are not treated properly and retain more moisture or condensation than others. Regular painting, waterproof paint is best, will help to ensure that the wood is protected from the elements, water being the biggest culprit here. And if the wood is subjected to extreme temperatures frequently, such as hot mid day sun but cold nights, you will notice that they will crack after a while. Take note of this too.

If you are not prepared to deal with these household chores but still would like the beauty of wood replacement windows in your house, you may like to consider wood clad such as vinyl clad wood or aluminum clad wood. These products are a mixture of the materials, vinyl and aluminum with wood respectively. Such innovations give the busy career-minded women of today more time. They offer better exterior protection (durability, strength) and are almost maintenance free — painting is a thing of the past. The drawback is that they are definitely more expensive than pure wood.

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